With brilliant minds come brilliant technology.

The W4 speaker system has a very easy and quick set up structure to ensure minimal trouble because we believe no one should go through headaches when trying to enjoy any type of entertainment. All of our PKOP products are
Made in USA.

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Guitarist Johnny Hearn

"What can I say...the PKOP brand of speaker is perfect for sound and quality..for all my DJ and band needs. Deep clean bass..and clear vocal highs have been the trademark of these speakers..and I have received many a comment on my system..."

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Dj George Pfeiffer

"I am so happy I purchased these speakers. They are excellent in both value and quality! The sound is incredible. These speakers should work amazingly in my venues. Highly recommended!"

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Singer Daniel Creedon

"Very Powerful and excellent Sound Quality with these 2 speakers you can use this in any reunions. Good Company. This is my 2and set I bought from this company. Very fast shipping. Thank you so much for excellent price and excellent"

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Dj Omar Ahmed

"The speakers are great awesome sound quality, great size for most area's and dance floors I recommend these for any DJ on a budget great price,great sound... I rate them 5stars."


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PKOP Company
5157 Cliffwood Dr., Montclair,
CA, 91763-6243, US
Phone: (909) 590-5258
Email: info@pkop.com

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About Us

Due to PKOP’s originality and precise sound system, there will not be a single fault when purchasing the W4! With crisp sounds, enchanting bass, and a simplistic style, the W4 is a must have product for any event and for any location! With its surround sound technology, these speakers welcome people from all over the world to experience a new way to enjoy movies, music videos, games, business presentations, festivals, and many more!

You can’t go wrong with such brilliant technology and you can’t find anything like this anywhere! With PKOP’s creation, they have taken control of the sound system business and aim to strive higher! In doing so PKOP helps consumers and entertainers in many ways such as keeping their sound more accurate than any other speakers and keeping their budget in line.