With brilliant minds come brilliant technology. PKOP introduces a newly innovated speaker to blow you away with fantastic sounds and pounding bass! With W4 2016, take your concert or any music festival to a whole new level! Introducing highly advanced software and newly improved woofers, PKOP took speakers into the palm of their hands and innovated them in ways that have never been before.

Due to PKOP’s originality and precise sound system, there will not be a single fault when purchasing the W4! With crisp sounds, enchanting bass, and a simplistic style, the W4 is a must have product for any event and for any location! With its surround sound system and technology, these speakers welcome people from all over the world to experience a new way to enjoy movies music video games business presentations festivals and many more!

You can’t go wrong with such brilliant technology and you can’t find anything like this anywhere. With PKOP’s manipulation with speakers, they have taken control of the sound system business and aim to strive higher! In doing so PKOP helps consumers and entertainers in many ways such as keeping their sound more accurate than any other speakers and keeping their budget in line.

With a very painless set, the W4 has a quick and easy way of setting up the system so no trouble will come about because PKOP believes that nobody should go through headaches and stress when trying to enjoy any type of entertainment whether it be music or a movie.

PKOP has succeeded in creating a never-before innovation to impress everyone and anyone all throughout the world! With careful procedures and explicit organization, PKOP rules the speaker industry and continues to wow everyone; especially with their new item, W4, PKOP never seizes to amaze anyone!

Try out the W4 and with 100% quality satisfaction, you will not be disappointed!





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